When it comes to the competitive world of fire safety, there is no icon greater than Smokey the Bear. Unless of course you're overly religious, in which case you put God before any other icon, even though God has done about as much for fire safety as an arsonist. I'm not trying to encourage you to forsake God in favor of Smokey the Bear, so let's get back to the point. Smokey has long reminded children and adults alike to be careful with flammables, especially around his native home – the forest. Although most bears are savage creatures ready to mutilate and murder at mere whim, Smokey is as gentle as a friendly ghost, and a lot less sticky. Recently, Something Awful Forum Goon Unkempt challenged his fellow goony goon goons to join him in a fun Smokey the Bear themed Photoshop adventure, and these are the results. I believe they qualify as explosive, like a firebomb, albeit one detonated safely and away from the forest.

Unkempt started things off with a sizzling scorcher of an image!

KillerTwinkie has a logical defense, but will it hold up in the court of public opinion? Furthermore, this comment was stupid.

The plot thickens, thanks to solbaid's deadly recipe.

ChairmanWang is going to include you in his prayers. BE WARNED!

Unkempt uses Smokey posters to vent his frustrations with this world gone mad.

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