I don't know if it was cavemen or mummies, but somewhere in the flow of time somebody got the bright idea to mark down the days as they passed. Then, in a moment of pure genius, somebody got the idea to mark them down before they passed. Thus was the birth of the calendar, the wing that gives tomorrow flight. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons whipped up a batch of adorable little calendars as tribute to the unsung reminder of days past, and days still to come. Behold, for here they are now!

Oh, and because my computer practically caught on fire and stopped working as I was beginning to put this Phriday together, I had to resort to my backup – a shitty laptop from the 1970s. Because it has no monitor and the keyboard is roughly the size of a small pocket calculator, I'm going to skip writing my obnoxious, cookie-cutter comments. Please, dear readers, do not kill yourselves over this gravest of tragedies!






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