A little over a year ago we ran a theme called "Anagrammed Movies" based around the idea of, surprise, Photoshopping movie posters and making anagrams out of the titles. It received a lot of positive feedback and requests for a repeat, which is somewhat rare considering that most of the time people request we apologize to Jesus and take all our images down. Anyway, the Something Awful Forum Goons recently started another round of anagramming movie posters and the results were not only enjoyable, but bountiful. With well over a hundred images submitted, I decided to use just about all of them and make this a two-parter. Please enjoy part one of this fine union of anagrams and movie posters!

isnoop got things started by magically making this picture appear on your monitor. How did he do it? Through a pact with Satan.

CodyWatts just ate a pint of ice cream and has no regrets.

Ok, olaf2022 is forum goon name. Ok.

HauntedRobot sure does look good in bed. In a bed of nails, that is! Oh, I went there.

Edison likes the alternate taste of men. I'm sorry, that comment was incredibly stupid. Remind me to replace it.

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