Howdy folks! I hope all of you people had a survivable Thanksgiving Day, and if not, I hope you at least died peacefully. As promised by a sacred sentence or two I typed last week, we've got another round of comic book covers for you. This will be our final run of comics for the time being, so don't worry about us becoming a broken record. So don't worry about us becoming a broken record. This week we have some additional comics of the horrifying variety, as well as a deluge of superhero action. As usual, credit goes to the Something Awful Forum Goons for creating these images.

Bonus thanks to our new friends at Freaking News as well! Seeing as how they were nice enough to sponsor us again this week, do us a favor and check out their site. Freaking News boasts daily Photoshop contests covering the realms of politics and current events, all with team based competition. If you're itching to do some Photoshopping and maybe win a few bucks or simply want to look at some pretty pictures, rocket your ass over to their site post haste!

I'm going to go check my e-mail while you look at this SergeantZeno picture:

Vaishino explores themes of racial tolerence in this all-too-serious entry included to promote debate and discussion.

VoiceOfAnarchy lives on a diet of Styrofoam packing peanuts.

berzerkmonkey goes for the umpteenth Cthulu joke in Phriday. Find a new god, you cretins!

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