Howdy doody, strangers! Welcome to a very special Halloween edition of Photoshop Phriday. I call it special because we're not doing anything even remotely Halloween related, so put that in pipe and smoke it. Instead we've got two very fine comical threads coming from the SA Forums:

New Shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch - Abercrombie is known for its high priced and trendy clothes worn by only the most elite of high school kids. So what happens when the SA goons start designing their own shirts in the Abercrombie mold? Several pages worth of images, you idiot!

Vanillify the Planet – Seeing as how the world is so full of danger, color, and all sorts of extremes that take it to the limit, wouldn't it be nice to look at some famous pictures and paintings where all the thrills and chills have been carefully removed? No? Well shit, you just put me in quite a predicament. Screw you, I'm showing them anyway!

And with that painful introduction, we begin!

clover got the Abercrombe & Fitch antics started by introducing their new line of shirts!

maus is some sort of nerd, or at least someone with an education. Maybe.

ricardobaltazar might as well make a shirt that says "virgin dept." Take that, mathematicians!

Vicious celebrates his shortcomings:

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