Continuing from last week, the week that surprisingly came before this one, we have the conclusion to "Unlikely Political Candidates!" With election season here and the exciting possibility of a new jerk coming to power, it would be wrong of us not to cash in with a related two-part Phriday theme. Especially since these damn things only happen every four years. As always, the stalwart crew of goons ruining our humble forums made these fine images, and they did a nice job. In a perfect world, we could only hope to have candidates as good as these.

A suspicious character named Lay-Z made this equally suspicious image.

Some lout named elpintogrande made this and I assume it makes some sort of sense to him.

exploitedtroll might want to pick a better platform, because this one is falling and he's going to lose a life and have to restart the level.

I have no idea what to make of this, but IdeoPraxist made it and I'm sure he has his reasons.

God save ThePeaLobster!

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