This Koos fellow does some nice work!

There's a new mayor in the Neighborhood of Make Believe, and his name is josefretarded. Cross him and he'll rip your balls off and send them on a trolley ride to hell.

Kanzune is as delicious as the anthropomorphic hamburger that gave birth to him.

fuckingtest made this image to try to alleviate his sexual frustrations. All other goons featured on this page, consider yourself notified you live next door to a sexual offender.

That's it for the good stuff. There's one last page, though – THE PAGE OF SHAME. Feel free to proceed to it if you are bored. Thanks as always to the Something Awful Forum Goons for making these fine images, and you for reading. Bonus thanks to Filecloud for helping out us out this week! Be sure to check out the the ad contest where you can win a Sony PSP and Internet fame!

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