Look at this lady. She's clearly very happy, and also very confused, given that it's neither Christmas nor April! But if there's one important message this image conveys -- there are several, but let's stick to one for now -- it's that any time is a fine time for wearing a Christmas sweater. (I realize she's not actually wearing one, but she's using subtle clues to convey the message that it's okay to do year-round.) The SA Goons decided to support this all-season sweater advocacy campaign by wrangling some big-name endorsers, using the highly successful celebrity-recruitment tool known as "Photoshop"!

To ease into the "Celebrity Sweaters" theme, here are a couple unaltered images that people posted. Normally I don't condone this sort of thing, but the three-runners sweater is awesome.



And here are Lord Lilf's starter images! He was kind enough to provide the quality caption "Hellbent for Sweaters" alongside his Rob Halford pic. As for the other, it's probably what John Waters actually wore while providing DVD commentary for his beloved Christmas Evil.

Lord Lilf

Lord Lilf

Okay now let's see what other SA forums contributors came up with to fill pages 2 and 3, why not!

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