We've featured anime forums on Weekend Web before. It's a common crutch we use when we're all out of ideas. The antics of anime obsessed wackos never get old. Well today we've got the anime-est forum of them all for you. This one is actually called Anime-Forums. I'm surprised it hasn't been featured before!

Another reason not to attempt DBZ cosplay: you look stupid doing it.

My special anime power would be rape.

I wish I could be part of that anime world...

Nuh-uh! Naruto would soooo lose.

Anime is not just a cartoon. It's a way of life...

To hell with Grave of the Fireflies. That kid's stubborn pride led to his sister's death and I'm not sure why I'm supposed to feel so bad for him.

"Go to your room young lady! And no posting or I will ban you from the Anime-Forums for good!"

Here's a guy who might be one of the least adjusted people on the planet talking about how not well adjusted an anime character is.

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