Everyone knows variety packs stock the spice rack of life, because it's cheaper to buy seasonings in bulk, even if it means absorbing something you know you'll never use, like tarragon or whatever, for the sake of the bargain. Anyway, this is the second Variety Pack in three weeks, which raises the question: If Variety Packs become a regular occurrence, does the eclectic nature of the contents within the individual installments offset the increasing uniformity of the format? It's a deep quandary to ponder while looking at monster trucks and dogs wearing capes.

To give readers a break from the terrifying real-life Facebook profiles currently being exhibited in the Comedy Goldmine, the Something Awful Forum Goons have created some entertaining fakes. Due to the required format, they're a bit larger than the usual Photoshop Phriday image, which means in some cases you'll need to click an extra time to see the full profile displayed, but these creations are definitely funny enough to justify this burdensome labor.


Big Ol Billy



Big Ol Billy


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