Recently, the Something Awful Forum Goons, led by Photohshop Phriday regular Unkempt, decided to make some funny comic strips based on the classic comic series Watchmen. Watchmen, for those of you who are not nerds, is almost universally regarded as the greatest comic series ever. I tend to agree, as I've seen very few things that come close to packing as much depth into such a small space. You don't have to know the comic to get 90% of these jokes, since they are silly and have nothing to do with the comic aside from borrowing the art. Enjoy!

Unkempt got things started with this picture, which is the start of this feature as well!

Perchance you'll view this Trilobite image and be aroused!

Trilobite is a master of horror. Wes Craven raves, "this image is truly haunting!"

Oh, samuraihero! What will you think of next?

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