The Comedy Goldmine exchange program continues, in which I ship Viconia Photoshop threads in exchange for higher-rated MS Paint threads. Win/win! This week's installment addresses a complaint I occasionally receive: "I want to be part of the Photoshop and MS Paint threads, but I'm terrible at image manipulation and drawing, stop discriminating against me!" Well, with the "Paint Cats with Your Eyes Closed" theme, now it's your time to shine! Lots of first-time contributors pitched in, many of them non-coincidentally sporting feline user names, whereas several usual standouts didn't make the cut, because the whole eyes-closed thing neutralized their talents. Anyway, these are cats (even the ones that aren't identifiable as such), and people on the Internet like cats. Enjoy!

Killy demonstrated a special knack for blind artistry.

After proving her skill, Killy graduated to turning other people's closed-eye drawings into open-eye masterpieces.

A few other contributors followed Killy's lead, so whenever you see something that looks a little "too good" on the pages that follow, it's probably a completely sighted response to an amusingly crude sketch rather than the work of a miraculous blind-art savant. Sorry for the disillusioning disclaimer. Now here are some more cats people painted.

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