We gathered in the Persian camp.

It was a bizarre bazaar....

...full of damningly decadent Persian pleasures.

Resolving to not let the Persians tarnish this world as they had ours, we charged off towards their stronghold.

We stormed their puny gates...

...and breached their labyrinthine defenses with ease.

The skirmish was quick and merciless; our victory total and unquestioned. We slew them all.

This was Spartan land, now and forevermore.

Thanks to:

  • FelchTragedy for the video

  • Hazim Gazov, FelchTragedy, and CickMy Lunt for the pictures.

  • Sabato Oh, Silly Babii, Mighty Hammerer, CickMy Lunt, Rabid Barkley, LadyPuberta Chaffe, Hazim Gazov, Trendkill Graves, and Bumbles McMillan, and other brave Spartan Warriors.

– Peteaus of Sparta

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