1. Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Reviews

    Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Reviews

    Reviews of the Shaggy Butte Public Library drinking fountain from Spout.ly, the foremost source for expert opinions from dedicated drinking fountain enthusiasts.

  2. Spigot.us Drinking Fountain Reviews

    Spigot.us Drinking Fountain Reviews

    Reviews of the Shaggy Butte Public Library Fountain from Spigot.us, the web's finest source for informed opinions on the hippest local drinking fountains.

  3. Spout.ly Presents: Shaggy Butte's Best and Worst Drinking Fountains of 2012

    Spout.ly Presents: Shaggy Butte's Best and Worst Drinking Fountains of 2012

    Following a dramatic year of upheaval and loss, Shaggy Butte’s drinking fountain enthusiasts look back on the town’s best and worst places to grab a sip of water.

  4. Spout.ly February Hot Sips

    Spout.ly February Hot Sips

    February has proven especially thirst-quenching for Shaggy Butte's fountain aficionados, with a spate of new arrivals and new discoveries bringing in some much-needed freshness.

  5. Spout.ly: June's Sour Sips

    Spout.ly: June's Sour Sips

    "There are two fountains here, one lower for persons in wheelchairs, one higher for persons not in wheelchairs. The taller one has an entire raw chicken impaled on the bubbler. I got sick after lapping up the water that oozed out from the chicken's pores." -HydraDad

  6. Spout.ly: August’s Hot Sips

    Spout.ly: August’s Hot Sips

    This is one steamy fountain. The locker room girls can be real pests, whipping you with towels and calling you a pervert, or trying way too hard to get your attention. Just ignore 'em, because the water here is the real attraction. Perfect flowing fountain with a clean sip. The basin drainage is a thing to marvel at.

  7. Spout.ly: October’s Sour Sips

    Spout.ly: October’s Sour Sips

    Came to identify a body. Noticed this fountain in the corner and decided to help myself. The experience was so awful it soured the rest of my day. There was mold all over the spigot, and a heavy buildup of hardened phlegm inside. I felt terrible knowing my son's corpse was sitting so close to such a miserable excuse for a fountain.

  8. Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Reviews: February’s Sour Sips

    Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Reviews: February’s Sour Sips

    Your typical wall-mount unit, run through hell. Homeless people often use this fountain to bathe, and as such, there can be a long wait and lots of naked men with visible sores. I was patient and waited over an hour for my turn, and it was not worth the time. Water ran rusty, weak flow, and missing a push button.

  9. Spout.ly: Hot Summer Sips

    Spout.ly: Hot Summer Sips

    I usually bring some tongs to remove the used condoms people leave in the basin. The fountain itself is glorious. It's got a powerful flow that's not overwhelming, so every sip is just right. The basin is deep enough you can dip your hands in to splash your face.

  10. Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Reviews: #GulperGate

    Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Reviews: #GulperGate

    All these idiot women saying we are misogynists need to get a clue. #GulperGate is about protecting something precious and important: the flow of water. This is once again the actions of a radical feminist pushing her standards on the local drinking fountain community, which by pure coincidence, is made up entirely of single men.

  11. Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Enthusiast Lingo

    Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Enthusiast Lingo

    Can't tell a drinking fountain from a urinal? We've got you covered. Brush up on your drinking fountain enthusiast -- or sipper -- vocabulary and learn to talk and swap sips with the best of them.

  12. Spout.ly: Sour Sips for September 2015

    Spout.ly: Sour Sips for September 2015

    It's been a painful month thus far for Shaggy Butte's steadfast sippers. While a few fountains have shown great promise, such as the VFW Hall's new fountain, many are pumping out plenty of disappointment. Unless you've simply gotta try 'em all, keep your thirst away from these certified diarrhea hydrants.

  13. Spout.ly: May's Sour Sips

    Spout.ly: May's Sour Sips

    May has been a trying month for Shaggy Butte's resident fountain fanatics. Drought restrictions have resulted in many popular fountains running dry, and penny-pinching businesses have cut back on fountain upkeep. In the end, many once-promising bubblers are now serving up some truly sour sips.

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