Nappy is the new n-word.

I am a member of the church. I demand payment!


It ain't a crime if all parties involved are really 40-year-old men.

Hello spam posting robot. You sure are sexy... tee hee.

No one has ever overdosed on Internet. If they have it was probably laced with Linux.

First, call up your sister in law.

All great men cheated on their wife. It's a fact.

I'm not a racist but I don't like when genitals don't match in color, and shape.

Hello, I am the Internet doctor and I am here to cure what ails you. It's common knowledge that strangers are the most qualified to diagnose your symptoms.

Special thanks to LS!, Vermain, Whopkins, PureEvil6_13, von Mises, cryme, Mr.Kips, Zyklon B Zombie, Acetone, Contra Duck, Old Dun Cow, keep punching joe, Secular Regressive, stasis, pck, 7744, todesengel, Zratha and 3s Box who have all been through puberty and have the certificates to prove it.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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