These days it's becoming harder and harder to grow up as a young woman. Luckily Tampax has created an outlet for girls to uhm, prove every stereotype that exists about young women. Oh well, at least they tried. Here's the forums, where girls go to be girls!

Please email me so we can be poop pals!

Guys don't really want to hug, but in high school it can be the closest thing you get to sex, and might even afford you an opportunity to let your hands linger as you break off the hug. Also girls smell good. Jesus Christ, we're pigs.

Why do you have to decide? I love both!

We're breaking barriers here today. Girls not only poop, but they poop more than you think!


If you imagine Fragmaster reading this post then all your dreams will come true.

Consider your poem copied. What are you going to do about it? You're just a GIRL! Bwahahaha.

I reposted this ten times and my crush raped me.

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