Hey she's kinda cute so let me just go ahead and lower my eyes towards the second image and OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!! Abort, abort, abort!!!

He was so hungry he ate his frenelum.

The camera not going off was no accident. It didn't want to go off. That camera was holding on to its shutter for dear life.

I'm just a stud chillin' out in my mobile home.

I tried typing out the URL to see the video but I was relieved when it told me that it doesn't exist anymore. I guess there really is a God.

Hello Vin Diesel. Why don't you have a seat over here...

Incest and WoW? Wow!

Special thanks to Gnack, PissFilledCumBubble, Red Red Blue, Wardance, i_heart_ponies, The Aristeia, 50 Foot Ant, Radio du Cambodge, DumbWhiteGuy, Critizen, unifuirudo, Virion, Rinn, SAKU FUCKING KOIVU, Secks, ryborg, Damn Gina, and Krittick.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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