Let this be a lesson to all of you. Always provide your real information to anyone who asks online, especially for something as important as an anime forum.

Haha this is exactly how it's going to go down. Thank you KickWings.

Oh no, he might advance the black population. We need to keep those darkies down!

My child was a loser until I enrolled him in CaptainSparrow's Capitalist for Kids program. Now he owns the sandbox.

Alright let's screw, baby. But first, let me record this event in my record book. I must post these details online for all to know.

Arby's has gotten a bad rap lately and I just want to say, it's completely deserved. I ate there once and I died.

Special thanks to ryborg, Speed Seducer, big duck equals goose, Mitochondria Eve, clammy, flpwch, LaRousse, ChryScntedPeach, Huggable Bear King, Speed Seducer, and Drunken Lullabies.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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