Believe it or not, this is the most normal guy on the Internet. A guy thinking about sex all the time? UNTHINKABLE.

I'm afraid this hot piece of ass is going to rape me. Can someone tell me what's wrong with this sentence?

Everything is better in Japan, from the quality of animation to the quality of rape. I mean, if you're going to get raped on the way home from work on a train, it might as well be by the pros.

Quick, someone tell me how to write SHIT POSTER in Japanese.

Usually when someone wants to keep another person anonymous in a story they call them Jane Doe, not saber. What the hell is saber? Is she one of the American Gladiators?

I am too religious. I don't go to church or nothing because it's boring. I am spiritual in my own way, such as thinking about God, wondering what he smells like, whether he likes to listen to Slipknot, that sort of thing.

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