When I can't think of a good comment for a post I didn't even bother reading I often throw a dart at a chart of common Weekend Web comments. Okay here goes. I'm throwing the dart and... we have a winner. "Stop the Internet! I want to get off!" Congratulations comment, see you again next week.

People who have never gone outside discuss race relations.

Posting lyrics is awesome and I love when people do it. It always brightens my day.

Some people devote their life to ending poverty, saving animals, or making their community a better place to live. This guy revives dead fanfics. Because if he didn't do it... no one would. BECAUSE IT'S A STUPID THING TO DO.

I wish there was some sort of lock you could attached to people's brains that keeps their wacky little thoughts inside and not outside where they could hurt us.

Beautiful, just beautiful. You've captured exactly how I feel when I play shitty add-ons for Blizzard games.

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