Having trouble scoring with those sexy ladies? Check out Fast Seduction 101 Learn 100% proven techniques such as ladder theory theory, g closing, and mental telepathy. Learn how to get women in bed using Jedi mind tricks from the world's best Internet pick up artists. Fast Seduction 101: Because on the dating scene you want to be anybody but yourself.

In the end, just be as creepy about it as possible.

A subset of BTR that is LBGT. Rick H, OBGYN. Otherwise, BYOB.

Also hit a women over the head with a club and drag her back to your cave. This seems to work just as hell.

This shit is more complicated than Dungeons & Dragons and it's just as lame.

Maybe you should've just learned the geography.

He means hypnotize yourself. When I count to 3 you'll think you're a chicken. 1-2-3. Start pecking!

No. If she liked you she would have flashed her labia as a sign of respect and admiration.

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