There are two types of Asian people. There's Asians, then there's AZNs. Where Asians are more or less like you or me, AZNs have a culture all their own. Fast cars and fast money is the name of the game for AZNs. They tell it like it is and aren't afraid to speak their mind. They aren't afraid to do burnouts in the parking lot of a Target just to show a nigga what's up. AZNs are the backbone of our society and the place they go to post is AZN Raps.

Let's go ahead and check up on what the AZNs are up to.

This guy just collects IP like it's nothing.

He says what we are all thinking.


Debate and discussion at the AZN Raps forums.

You're welcome.

Just show your American Club Card and get access to all the hottest joints in the world.

White people are square times two.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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