I wonder how many of these people really have multiple personalities and how many just want attention or have overactive imaginations. I'm pretty sure I could pretend to have multiple personalities and fit right in.

Oh boy I just loooooove being crazy!

I would love to see these people's medicine cabinents.

So basically all these people hate themselves.

Fredd's Christmas card.

Special thanks to Toyota the Clown, Impossible Demands, Pickle Pie, ShogunPanda, Dirt Worshipper, Father Fintan Stack, Roguestar, esc, Secks, i_heart_ponies, Half Warmed Fish, Zorak, The Goat Problem, Dickeye, softbomb, HopperUK, 3s Box, Anukahn, Diagnosed, and Kal.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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