Thinking of killing yourself? Just got your period? Have a sig that's three screens high? If you answered yes to any of those questions just head on over to Girls Inc., a forum for stupid girls.

Wow, Earth girls are easy.

I remember fondly my first vaginal discharge. I keep a scrapbook of all my discharges, but that first one was really special.

The solution is simple, just stop having periods and abortions and your dad will stop asking about them! Some girls just can't think for themselves.

Sure, times have changed, but rapeism is still prevalent everywhere you go in this country.

Hope this helps.

To be honest I'd rather see a bunch of girls who can't stand up on their own two feet than fat girls.

It's not going to matter in 30 years when you can't even remember the guy's name.

The Internet is a cold, lonely place.

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