Yes, yes it is. It's racist against normal well-meaning people.

Internet comedy at it's finest.

Why am I not surprised her name is "Rhiannon". Normal girls who are named Jennifer go on to lead exciting and successful lives. Girls named Jenapher go on to get knocked up by their cousin at Grandpa Zeke's funeral.

Again with the wacky names. "Aelish". What kind of damn name is that?

Smoke peppers every day.

Well have you tried "spicing" up your love life with a little pepper play? Oh it's great. Use the hottest chilis you can find and insert them in eachother's assholes. While you won't be able to sit for a couple weeks you'll feel that much closer to eachother.

Gay chili fans, the fastest growing internet subculture.

Clay Aiken is like the ultimate anti-celebrity. He has done nothing but adequately sing covers of crappy songs. I can't believe someone is actually worshiping the ground he walks on. I understand worshiping Mr. T., Bea Arthur, and that other chick from Three's Company, that I can handle. But this Clay Aiken bullshit has got to stop.

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