Poly-Ticks, submitted by a wrathful god.

Poly-Ticks takes a terrible pun on the word "politics" and turns it into an excuse to paint bug faces on things... for America. This is done by using a discontinued version of MS Paint, and moxie. Lots of moxie. Also, stuff like this:

If you don't enjoy FREE limp wristed OH GOD PLEASE DO NOT SUE ME social satire from 1997, then maybe Poly-Ticks isn't the web comic for you. But where else are you going to get Monica Lewinsky jokes cribbed from last night's episode of The Tonight Show? Let's hope you can live with that.

Special ultra secret double probation goon thanks to SA Forums goon Pass the Slabs for this update's fantastic artwork!

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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