Haha shouldn't they call it emu hahaha. You see it's a clever play on words. Oh fuck you then. It was funny at the time.

The first image consisted of a lizard spread eagle playing with his ass while jerking off on his bed. The second was the same lizard licking the vagina of a fox girl. Thank me I didn't subject you to either of them. Now if you'll excuse me it's time to drink.

Okay, uhm, good for you?

The truth is out folks.

No need to feel sorry for this sow folks. I'm sure she deserved it. This is what you get for being a worthless goth cretin who doesn't bathe or shower. Change into somewhat normal clothes and get a job damnitt! I can't begin to imagine the angry email I'm going to get over this one.

Best dad ever. The only way we're going to solve the goth problem is by ridiculing them constantly and it has to start with the parents.

Kazaa "lite" isn't much of an improvement over the regular Kazaa. It still runs slow as shit and takes up more resources than it should. It's also really awesome when you try to download some movie you want and it ends up being gay anal fisting porn.

These people are way too into themselves.

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