Dear Jake,Ok, I'm firstly just going to give you the answer that I would give to anyone with a medical question:GO TO THE FUCKING DOCTOR; WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!Now, I understand that this is "just a toe," but seeing as you have had rather serious and obviously painful toe problems in the past and that the pain from you stubbing this toe has stayed around longer than it is supposed to when someone stubs their toe, I really think that a visit to the podiatrist is in order. If the nail is fine you won't have to go through any nasty nail-yanking operations, but if your toe is sloughing skin and you are in pain there very well might be an infection there and you need to get that treated as soon as possible. Most likely it is something treatable with oral antibiotics, but damn buddy, if my toe were all fucked up like that I'd get in there STAT. I would do this especially fast because I enjoy walking without pain. It could be nothing, but with your toe history it could be something, so you should get it checked out.Come on, you knew that I was going to say that.

Let's say a prayer that he has to undergo painful toe-surgery as punishment for his letter.

Oh Boy,You are not going to like what I have to say to you. I don't know what you said to her that night nor do I know the depth of your friendship with Libby, so I'm just going to tell you what the situation most likely is from my perspective. I don't know the details of the situation either, but I do know girls, unfortunately.If you talked all of the time or were friends before the party and now she is avoiding you, not talking to you, and looking uncomfortable when you see her, chances are that she is not interested in you in the same way that you are interested in her. Let's assume worst-case scenario here and say that at the party you confessed your love for her and told her how you felt. If she liked you in the same way or returned your affections she would not be acting the way she is. She feels uncomfortable because she doesn't want to hurt you or doesn't know how to tell you that she doesn't feel that way about you but you were friends before and that makes things even more awkward.Let's put it this way: If she "liked you" liked you and you confessed your love for her at a party, she would have been all over you or at least tried to pursue a relationship with you after she found out how you felt about her. Judging by her subsequent reaction to you, however, I really think that you would be better off trying to salvage a friendship with her (if you want to do that) instead of pursuing a romantic relationship. It's tough to get over someone like that, but in this case I really think that pursuing her would result in nothing but bad news for you and probably for her as well. Consider it a blessing that you spilled your guts in that way, because at least now you know how she feels about you and you don't spend even more time mooning after someone who just wants to be friends with you.All of this being said, it might be a good idea for you to sit down with her and actually discuss this. It's not good to have no memory of what you said to her, so ask her to tell you what happened at the party, apologise for making her uncomfortable, and offer to be friends with her. If you have to, offer up the fact that you were drunk and that you didn't know what you were saying if it makes you feel better, but settle this with her in any case. She will feel a lot better and eventually you will, too. In the mean time it will probably suck, but that's what happens when you want someone who doesn't want you back.Sorry, dude.

Man, that guy must not be too bright, otherwise I would think that the facts would be pretty obvious.

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