• Moon Farm Family: In Harm's Way

    Moon Farm Family: In Harm's Way

    Dad is injured in a rover accident, causing a confrontation that will change Moon Farm Family forever.

  • A History of Video Game Sexism

    A History of Video Game Sexism

    Video games have often been called sexist – well, duh. Of course a lot of games inspire thoughts of sex. But are games guilty of sexism? Something Awful investigates.

  • Trapped in My Basement.com FAQ

    Trapped in My Basement.com FAQ

    A man wrongfully imprisoned in his own basement shares his gut-wrenching story.

  • Upcoming Google Products

    Upcoming Google Products

    A preview of Google’s amazing new product lineup. Incredible technology that will revolutionize how we waste time on the Internet!

  • LSD: Dream Emulator (PSX)

    LSD: Dream Emulator (PSX)

    “LSD: Dream Emulator” for the Playstation lives up to half its title: the people who made it clearly overdosed on hallucinogens. Said hallucinogens are also a prerequisite for enjoying it.

  • Raymond Carver's Twilight Zone

    Raymond Carver's Twilight Zone

    Before his seminal literary career, minimalist author Raymond Carver briefly tried his hand at television writing. Carver's estate recently auctioned off his original 'Twilight Zone' plots, which Something Awful has purchased in order to share with fans and literary scholars worldwide.

  • Obesity: The Dark Descent

    Obesity: The Dark Descent

    I wake up in a haunted castle with no memories and a splitting headache. I search my pockets for any clue of how I got here. All I find is a Snickers bar, but that's okay because I'm hungry.

  • The Stroggconn Suicides

    The Stroggconn Suicides

    All factory jobs are pretty much the same; they all belong to the same Kafkaesque nightmare canon. So in theory a person who'd worked in a factory for a moderate span of time - say a week - would be in a decisive position to determine whether industrial labor causes suicide. "Brilliant!" I said to myself and the phone sex operator.

  • Congratulations on Becoming Homeless!

    Congratulations on Becoming Homeless!

    You've just defaulted on your mortgage and opted out of being a homeowner (or leaser or renter or haver-at-all). You’re a citizen of the world now, like Benjamin Franklin, or that guy who stands on the library steps saying he’s Benjamin Franklin. And you can live anywhere you want!* (As long as it's not on city, state, or private property. )

  • Gay Vampires and Me -- and You!

    Gay Vampires and Me -- and You!

    He lunged at me and sunk his perfectly formed teeth into my jugular. Gay vampires' fangs secrete venom that is chemically similar to amyl nitrate and produces a similar euphoria. The next few minutes were an orgy of chemical bliss I can’t really describe.

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