Movies are the beloved rapid succession of images accompanied by sound that provide us with countless venues of escape. They immerse us in a world of samurai, put us on alien planets, and make us wonder, "dude, just where is that car?" This week we return with another batch of movie posters, one of our funniest and most exciting reoccurring themes. There is nothing special and no real gimmick attached this week, just lots of funny posters for recent and forthcoming movies. As always, the proud but embittered people of the Something Awful Forums slaved away to make these pictures, so big thanks to them.

Kanzune is going to make you crap your hat in terror.

BloodyHedgehog redefines horror in much the same way he redefines his waist line at the buffet.

Earwicker made this movie full of loud, annoying people who foam at the mouth.

Tom_ER has a rather large cavity in his heart where he stores his love for Rosie O'Donnell.

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