Alleys vary greatly and, until now, there was simply no way to be certain that the one you've chosen to spend your evening in maintains a reasonable level of gothic charm. Anyone who's found themselves whiling away valuable pre-dawn hours in the company of screaming primary schoolers, blasted with Brittany Spears music, throwing a pink ball, completely and totally drinkless has experienced the downside of blindly choosing a house of lanes. We, at Goth Bowl personally visit each alley, judge them on a rigorous criteria of sinister traits, and rate them on a scale from 1-10, ascending.

I really wanted to find this website to be stupid as hell, but in all honesty it's not just the best Bowling Alley review depository I've been to, it's also the most handy goth website I've visited since that "Cradle of Filth Presents Great Gifts For Grandma" geocities page. Gothbowl is your incredibly detailed field guide to finding a good bowling alley, regardless of how goth or non-goth it will be. Hell, you could probably even use this website to get the old Fraternity make fun of & physically harass Goths, depending on Gothbowl popularity. The "hostess" of the reviews even encourages being bribed into reviewing your bowling establishment (or is that negatively?) - and that's the sort of Web 2.0 journalism I like to get behind. In closing, today's ALOD has led me to strongly believe that there should be goth review websites for shopping malls and grocery stores, so I know which ones allow me to carry a drink on the floor.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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