If you are lucky enough to be reading this now, pretty cool. Soon you'll see more & more people come visit this site. Could be too late for them as you've already had the fun of being here first; receiving the information necessary to act fast and not be left behind...

Wondering why nothing much is happening CULTUREWISE CULTUREWISE? Many years ago under similar circumstances, I formed the Sex Pistols/Clash etc and created a Punk movement. Sadly it's again necessary for radical action by those who care, to demonstrate that we are not prepared to go down with this stinking, stale culturally damaged corperate-led warship. China enjoys anti-corruption game. One gamer called Sun as saying: "I feel a great sense of achievement when I punish lots of evil officials." The game appeared to have become a victim of its own success.Here's a piece of wisdom I gained on getting older that I'd like to pass on to you.

Unfortunately I confused my own personal situation with the overall state of affairs. Meaning who really gives a shit if you live or die. See I've spent my whole life not wanting to become one of those ego-driven-publicity-seeking-puerile-arseholes; my strength being a force behind the scene inspiring others. And here comes the puchline:

The human race is not as smart as it needs to be.
I've yet to be convinced on the merits of hard drug use, except from drug dealers. If you're hip you'll understand. Whereas if you're a square you'll first attempt to ridicule us. Then as you become evermore threatened, you'll lash out violently! First of all, work out what kind of riches you are aiming for. Unless you go the traditional route and inherit it, making serious money will involve some sort of sacrifice. Question:Why does the Established mediasuck???Is it because editors and journalists lack scruples so will do anything for money? WE HAVE DELIBERATELY AVOIDED A MYSPACE- BLOG TYPE SETUP because it PROMOTES RANTERS, BULLSHITERS or TIMEWASTERS. Sorry folks.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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