"I was raised to pray to, fear and worship images of old men with long flowing beards like God and Santa Claus. These were father figures that were forced into my young mind at an early age. So now I chase men with white beards. Now these religious wack jobs call me a sodomite and a sinner for being homosexual. It was their book and conditioning that taught me how to love and worship men."

So, um, yeah. Today's ALOD is a not safe for work pornography site about religion and naked homeless old men, sort of like the Bible. No one can really explain why this website exists, although the designer sure does try to. There's is a whole lot of chubby impoverished geezers with their weiners hanging out, and that's sort of bad. But it's all of the crazy Christian overtones that compliment the tramp smut that makes really, really weird.

What is Hobosexual? Is this just another fad or new fetish? Not all evolves around youth, money and oil. Some of us actually take time to smell the ....roses...

There actually appears to be a large chain of hobo-related porn sites that are tied to this one, so you know you are in for a lot of bearded old man dick. Lucky you! Check it out!

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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