I created this gallery of fifty artistically-rendered images of my penis in order to further discussion of the role that the penis plays in our society. My goal is to bring the penis out into the open.

Despite the artist's efforts to bring the penis out into the open, many employers still consider peni inappropriate for workplace viewing. Please use discretion when clicking links within this article titled "Art with my Penis."

What could be sadder than a vulnerable designer stripping himself naked to make art with his genitalia, only to be shunned by an uncaring world? Art with My Penis posted 49 images without garnering a comment. Finally, number 50 inspired "cranberryzero" to remark "what a fantastic penis!" This surely made the whole damn project worthwhile.

The site also contains a "drink from my penis" image, which might or might not be worse than what you expect.

* The images above have been cropped in a censurious manner, to make this guy's dick look less phallic.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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