"Imagine having a birthday song sung for you that celebrated the joy of being, held no old associations and was energetically clear of old birthday consciousness."

Yes, imagine that. But whatever new-age melody you might have concocted using that fruity description, Chris James' "Joy-Full Birthday" will manage to surpass its shittiness. It's like the intro to "Sixteen Candles," as performed by the moaning zombies of long-dead doo-wop singers and the ghost of Color Me Badd's career. (Historical note: "Sixteen Candles" performers The Crests sold the trademark to their name to this greasy hair avalanche.)

Chris James boasts a wide array of vocal torture implements: If you click on his picture, he'll emit some sort of pan flute/dial tone noise for 15 excruciating seconds. This "esoteric healer" bases his workshops on the dubious, self-disproved premise "Everyone is born with a beautiful voice." In this case, telling people what they want to hear results in music no one wants to hear.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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