Snider's HangOut, submitted by Me. There is more sap on this page than in the average forest. From the moving tribute to 9-11, to the inspirational music score, you'll be damn glad you visited. Couple that with lots of animated gif and bad design, and you've got yourself a dream date. By dream date, I mean a nightmare date where rats are eating your insides out and you have no hands with which to drive them away. Really, it's not that good of a date and the whole thing with the rats and you not having any hands kind of just spoils the mood.

May America Bless God! We WILL NOT FORGET!... Have a Very Happy New Year

Holy smokes! He just turned the table on God and called for America to exercise divine powers on an all-powerful being! What audacity! This site is pretty much just a confusing mess, as text floats and drifts everywhere and doesn't really seem to follow any kind of logical flow. Expect Comet Cursor to try to worm its way into the mess, too. My favorite part is the near subliminal quote that flashes way to fast for me to even rest it. I'll just assume it said for me pour scolding hot coffee into my eyes while sticking my hands in a toaster. Why? Because that would be better than looking at this site.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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