Orbit: Bad Vibes, submitted by Me. I'm not sure where to begin with this staggering temple of bona fide lunacy. Oh heck, let's start with mind control since that's always a hoot!

The Russian Federation and the USA Built Radar Systems That Could Enable Them to Control Minds of Whole Populations: Scientific Informations, Military Documents, Warnings by Civilian and Military Researchers by Mojmir Babacek In 1986 the United States Attorney General held a conference on the Less than Lethal Weapons. In the report on this conference among others is stated: "Participants also discussed the use of various wave lengths and forms of administration of electromagnetic energy as a non-lethal weapon. A substantial amount of preliminary research has been conducted in this area... One conference participant noted that scientific knowledge of human physiology is progressing to the point where it may soon be possible to target specific physiologic systems with specific frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to produce much more subtle and fine-tuned effects than those produced by photic driving.

Throughout this gaping maw of nearly incoherent and poorly organized rambling we learn all kinds of important things about how EMF weapons are being used to control us or destroy us or do something sinister to us that we cannot readily see with the scantly clad eye. This guy is definitely on the ground floor of something big, especially since he has the best sources in the biz:

A recent caller to Art Bell, Saturday a.m., April 4th, speculated that Saddam Hussein might be in possession of the ancient Ark of the Covenant. Maybe so maybe not, but could have Saddam indeed found Annunaki or Sumerian perhaps even ET instruments of war? This is a wild but interesting speculation and might be a topic of worthy sleuth.

Yeah, okay. And alien UFOS are causing electromagnetic distortions! Dream on!

EMAIL 3/30/99: The "electrical disturbances" you speak of may very well be directly related to what I'm talking about on my website, in the "Lost time/ Lost power" section. UFO's 'float' on a super positive ion thrust, which will inhale free space, including electrons, when released, not to mention causing electromagnetic fields of all ranges to gyrate within a given radius of a ufo in operation.

OH FUCK! SHIT! This isn't happening! This can't be happening! There are also plenty of earthquake (not the professional wrestler) reports to keep you on the edge of your seat and shake the very foundations of the Earth. There are like fifty gazillion pages of this stuff, so have fun!

To put it plainly I've become jaded. It is my feeling that forces have been unleashed that threaten the human soul itself, no not in the Biblical sense, but more elemental.

Our science now has the capability of opening a white hole, and in this case not only material-reality is threatened, but the plasma state itself. Annihilation! We might literally kill our dead--a radical supposition I admit.

Or not!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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