TightRope, submitted by Me. Finally, one website that combines the greatest achievements of mankind into one easy-to-use powerhouse of Internet information. TightRope provides Internet readers across the globe with a seemingly limited supply of "Nigger Jokes," "Lynched Niggers," Hitler Art, and "Killer Comic Books." I originally planned on making a joke about the comic books not actually killing people, but after I saw an example of the "comics," I honestly wanted to die (of embarrassment for my race).

It is my motto that we should not just entertain racist kids, we should create them.

Good motto there, Byron! With that in mind, our highly entertaining and creative webmaster has put up a page dedicated to "WHITE POWER MP3s," but warns "I have had to reduce all of these MP3s to only one minute each and reduce the number of them. The extra bandwidth got too expensive." So guys, please do him a favor and don't go to the WHITE POWER MP3 page and download all the songs. And certainly, no matter what you do, do not download many of the songs over and over again so you can have backup copies of the tracks just in case your original downloads get deleted or corrupted. Bandwidth is very expensive, and we really would hate to end up making a white supremacist pay money for his website. Right?

PS: Seriously, can anybody make heads or tails of this mess?

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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