Jack88's White Pride Page, submitted by me.Jack88's White Pride page is the central nerve center for all the white pride organizations in Utah. Actually, it's the only white pride organization in Utah. Despite the crushing loneliness of their idiotic beliefs, their enthusiasm is not dampened in the least. Jack88's horrible site consists of random links depicting Nazi tattoos and Ku Klux Klan outfits (for Halloween!), and a long scroll of huge text depicting the day's news. This guy is out to be the next Drew Curtis, except more racist. But this incomprehensible white pride site does have the redeeming quality of having some damn good white pride MP3s to download. I recommend Victory Day. After listening to this stirring power ballad 30 times, I stayed up all night making sure no Jews walked on my lawn and wrote some mean letters to Steven Spielberg and TV's Urkel.So lonely.

Don't forget to check out the hot racist chick standing in front of the Confederate flag. I was only kind of racist when I first visited the site, but after those great MP3s and that chick, I'm so full of hate that I defecated myself. There soon may be a second swastika on that Utah map! (They have a chatroom and a message board. Feel free to let Jack88 know how you feel about those Jews and Blacks stealing our womenz and corn!)

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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