The Furry Music Foundation, submitted by Stackhaus. It's great when people come together to be creative, I mean especially...woah, woah, woah. Furries? Furry musicians?!


Short description: Fox is 5'5" tall (165 cm), 140 lbs; dark-brown eyes with cat-like elliptical centers; standard fox structure. Silky-smooth silver-strawberry fur that sparkles with motion covers this fox's compact body. The backs of his ears are onyx, the fronts white. His front side is bright white from his chin and fuzzy cheeks to under his belly and one inch along the inside-base of his tail; the whiteness includes his underarms and extends about an inch onto his inner thighs.

There is an onyx cross that starts at the base of his neck and continues down his back, all the way to the white tip of his massively fluffy tail. The cross meets under his wings, spreading across his shoulders. His forearms are onyx, with a 3/4 inch slanted fade to strawberry at his elbows. Fox's legs are also onyx up to the knees, with the same 3/4 inch slanted fade... (More...)

Musical occupation: Hobby DJ and acid mixing (digital sample-based composition

Hey DJ Majik Fox, I bet you get all of the flyest raver girls what with the furry costume. Oh wait, you're a furry because everyone hates you and you looked for acceptance in anyone that would take you in. That's right. And the only shows you've been "acid mixing" at are the ones you put on for your greasy stuffed animals and bissfully ignorant mother who thinks you just really like Walt Disney cartoons.

Block Rockin' Beats!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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