We humans take in an awful lot of movies every year. Some of us will easily see over a hundred movies in a given year without any difficulty. The result of this constant media feeding tube is a lot of confusion. Which movie was which? What was that one movie where that guy married a helicopter? They all blur together, creating mass confusion. This week Captain-Obvious and the Something Awful Forum Goons intentionally mixed up movies, but for the good of all mankind. These are mixed up movie titles that actually work!

Captain-Obvious got things started this week by magically telezapping this image onto your viewscreen.

Scoots Magoo spewed out this image that offends me greatly, because my nephew is a holocaust survivor.

Vinz Klortho made this fantastic image about black people (don't worry some of my best friends are really black!!!)

Food Boner is Russian towards the funny pages with this one!

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