DJ Ka$h's Puff Daddy Page, submitted by Puff Daddy Webring. It's always good to see a nigga gettin the props he deserve. P-diddy been around since the ice age meant actual ice, but he always keep it real and never sell out just to make a nickel.

Puff Daddy was born & raised in New York City. He now has a son named Justin and is most likely the busiest man in hip-hop music. He gets paid and he ain't afraid to show it. Puff Daddy also runs a charity called "Daddy's House" which gives money to the kids of New York for computer camps, trips to Africa, ETC. Puff Daddy even owns a restaurant located in New York which is called "Justin's" (named after his son). So much more will be coming from Puff Daddy & The Bad Boy Family. Most who don't like him are either just playa hatas or have too much jealousy & envy. Sean 'Puffy' Combs is very talented and is looking to be hip-hop's leader into the 21st century

I been up in P-Diddy's restaurant in the Big Apple and that shit is good. I got me some ribs and that shit gives me indigestion so the waiter was all "here's some pasta for a triple platinum nigga". I give it three stars out of four.

– Baron Ermine Von Icebeats

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