Like many people who have stumbled accidentally onto 666 Black Sun, our submitter Kiltan was just searching for "something pertaining to the cultivation of energy during meditation." On this site, people interested in such subjects can learn about how to "activate the third eye." You can follow additional steps to "open the soul," though at this point you're warned "these new meditations are filled with Satanic imagery." ("Don't try this meditation!" advises Astral Pulse poster CaCoDeMon. "This meditation can open you up to the demonic influence!") As someone who listens to a lot of metal, I'm not really scared away by such devil talk, but unfortunately that's not all 666 Black Sun has to share.

When you're done chanting the name of the Moon Good Thoth and giving yourself a migraine, you can proceed to a less "magickal" section of the site, where you can learn about fascinating topics like "Jewish sorcerers" and "the Satanic origins of the Ku Klux Klan" while browsing "9 hours of free internet video about how the holocaust is a myth." If this sounds like complete lunacy, you're just not an advanced enough Satanist! Now start opening those Chakras!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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