Xtreme Central, submitted by Mike.Do you like to live on the edge, feel the burn, go to the XTREME? Well then this is the site for you. The opening is totally radical and in your face, not to mention XTREME!!! It's like I'm getting a Mountain Dew enema while skyboarding on a shark. You can tell Xtreme Central is all about being in your face and living life on the edge because of all the bright pink and green colors and the rainbow mouse graphic. It looks like a clown vomited all over this site and then hit it with his clown hammer. There is plenty to explore in this travesty - that is, if your eyes and sense of dignity can handle it. Despite the Xtremeness of the site, their Sweet Swap forums are sadly devoid of posts. If only I could help. Cya l8er sk8er bois.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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