From Crime II Christ Recordz, submitted by renton. Even though it supposedly encompasses all normal genres of music, Christian music is absolutely the most bland and idiotic crap available on the market. From the numbingly inoffensive tunes warbled out by Andy Griffith, almost hilarious in their absolute shittines, to the slick and sucky rhymes of Christian superstars like Amy Grant and DC Talk, all contemporary Christian music is horrible. Fans of hardcore rap and hip hop music, feel left out no longer because Bishop OG Freeze is on the scene with his new album "My Testimony"!

Check out OG FREEZE's brilliant album "My Testimony" in the discography section. This powerful album is full of thought provoking rhymes and unique samples. The beats rumble and roll as Bishop OG FREEZE drops some of today's best rhymes. A must for all hip hop lovers.

I like how he managed to work just a little bit of bling into that album cover. Like Christians still bling, but they bling with humility. I wonder why their label is called "From Crime II Christ", what could good old OG Freeze have done that was so bad?

The Federal Government indited FREEZE for guns, assaults, and gangs and he was sentenced to Federal prison at the young age of 22 years old. In prison the devil tried even harder to destroy FREEZE, and in prison FREEZE was known as a trouble maker, he was transferred to a super max lockdown prison in Marion Illinois for riots and stabbings, Dwayne AKA FREEZE spent most of his time incarcerated in a 6’x10’ cell 22 hrs a day, because he was labeled one of Americas worse Federal inmates.

Oh. OH! Folks these guys are the best. I take back anything bad I said about them. Praise the Lord!

PS - The power of Christ compels you to sign their guestbook!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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