God Said Man Said, submitted by Terensque. I've never been big on religion. The only part of the bible I like is where it says you'll be given a reward based on your actions when you die, since that means life is a lot like the high score section of a video game. Anyway, this site offers "scientific" proof that everything written in the bible is correct. Please note that I have put quotation marks around "scientific", much like the ones I would use when mentioning my "sex life".

The writer also asked if the billions of years attributed to the age of the universe is the work of the devil and the answer is yes.

God made the first man -- Adam -- from the dust of the earth. The name Adam actually means "red dirt" or "ruddy." It does Biblically appear that the hue of the first man was more that of the red man than any other. And as science is even now discovering, man was made out of clay.

I obviously can't argue with hard scientific evidence like that.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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