The Amazing Hoverdisc!, submitted by me. You might have seen today's ALOD on television before. The Hoverdisc is an amazing flying saucer of delight and wonder, and maybe magic. It DEFIES GRAVITY by floating, presumably using stolen alien technology. The name of this technology? Helium. That's right, the Hoverdisc is just a balloon. But unlike normal balloons, you pay $20 for it! Because it's magical.

Check out the site and you'll be treated to an incredible video of the Hoverdisc in action. Gasp as underwhelmed people toss a balloon back and forth in a mall! Cum violently at the Matrix-effect ripoff where a kid leans backwards and the Hoverdisc floats lazily over his head! Prove you're not a commie by buying "The Patriot" variety of the balloon, complete with the U.S. flag emblazoned on it for the kid who can't get enough of America! Take that right in your asshole, terrorism!

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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