SWAMI SANANDA, submitted by mmodule. Do you like God? Do you like creepy people who like God? Do you like embedded midi files, laser sound effects and ocean noises? Do you like obscenely long pages of information about God in a gigantic font that's impossible to read because of the huge tiled picture of Jesus in the background? Then you are in luck, my friend!

On making it one of you
I will be able to enter
and augment the force of attraction
of our works and, like a magnet,
I shall attract all of those who are
on the same wavelength of love as my Being.

That is the work you must undertake,
do not ask any more how,
but let me flow as a Being in your heart.

Who among you is attentive to my call,
when life’s tests come?
Listen to that breath, that I AM, in your life.

And if you happen to be a filthy foreigner, you'll be delighted to know that this miraculous page is available in ten different languages! Praise Allah!

– Taylor

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