Way of the Master, submitted by Pepper. This site is like what would happen if you crashed your SUV into a deer and its poor innards splattered all over the highway to reveal a masterpiece painting entitled "Kirk Cameron, Hero of the Holy Word!" With gorgeous, multimedia excitement happening all over the interactive place, this site draws you in and points out, clear as day, that you are going to go burn in Hell. Kirk Cameron, your guide on this journey, does not want you to burn in Hell, so he's going to tell you that by not sinning (although we are all sinners no matter what), you can go to Heaven instead. While Kirk Cameron is no Alan Thicke, he does manage to do a good job making your forthcoming journey to Hell seem like an entirely preventable fate, no matter how certain it is. This site can change your life, and perhaps save you from the evils of people like me.

If God were a laser, Kirk Cameron would be the laser gun he shoots out of. Be warned, for Kirk Cameron is pointed at you, so you better be ready to accept what he discharges in your direction!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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