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Apparently I can rap like the meth. Challenge accepted.

Submitted by Greg M.

My friend, Greg M. sent me this rap on a whim. Then he went to the gym.

T-Dub is rapping harder than a muscle. When he gets in trouble he just gets the nustle. Or the fustle.

Man, Mario is jumping really high in.... int...into the air, like he doesn't care, but I do care. About smare.

I used to hang out with Emula who got Insemula. Then I hurt my femur like a dreamer.

Watchin' T-Dub rap won't give you swag fever. You'll get swag plague. Smash Mouth eat the eggs. I just bought some glegs.

*b-boy stance* Word.

Critics Corner

"'I had a big raims is a big taims'  - Powerfully emotive language, evokes wonder at how truly colossal his 'raims' must be, coupled with an element of incredulity at how this 'raims' can fundamentally co-exist as a 'taims'."

-jam futon

"Mario has a big C"


"The Autistic National Anthem."


"'High on Chromosomes'"


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